Monday, May 17, 2010

Old School

In honor of Monday, I like to get my organization on, old school style. I do so with two handy notebooks. One - The Planner, and Two - The Notebook. The Planner is nice and...organized. Like Mrs. Potato Head, I can open up this puppy and put in my focused eyes (not my angry eyes, and please forgive this whole Mrs. Potato Head thing if you've never seen or don't remember the reference to Toy Story 2) and whamo I'm on schedule and getting stuff done! The Notebook (per the picture) is spontaneous displays of inspiration. A quote by Phoebe Philo from my Vogue that I just loved, a picture of a pretty dress, a bicycle, french stuff, you name it. Meditation phrases I picked up from Eat, Pray, Love or GOOP's piece a while ago, a list of places I'd like to travel (and list of places I'm proud of traveling to on my own dime), jobs I've held, jobs I'd like to hold, recipes, my thoughts on recent covergirls from Vogue (SJP has incredibly skinny arms; why do they have to airbrush so extensively?) and Harpers Bazaar (why Miley Cyrus? She's way too young for the HB demographic, in my opinion). It's a completely disorganized but marvelous collection of thoughts, lists, ideas, theories, and the like. It's the perfect place to express! So many people use only the electronic planners, but to me there's something satisfying about holding the thing and writing with a pen or pencil. Do you use a journal and/or planner?

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  1. I actually use both in my Journal its inspirational likes your full of quotes to help me calm down when Im stressed and my planner keeps me grounded and focus.